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Untitled | Stephani Maari Booker

She seized me.

She dragged me into her cavern

and partook of my flesh.

A lusty lion she was:

mauling me

tearing me open

gnawing my insides

licking my bones.


She awed me.

She brought me to her temple,

and I bowed under her divine power.

An ancient Venus she was:

her fertile crescents

burned me with

their earthen warmth,

left me lying

in tears


and tremors.


She enchanted me.

She lured me into her unseen lair

and wove a spell over my psyche.

A specter in the dark she was:

moving me with

an invisible touch

to create

a dream

disguised as a memory.


You fierce queen

I am no feisty prey,

no opponent for your great chase.

Yet you stalked me


and rent me to shreds.

I welcomed the hunger in your grasp

Yet I fought to shield my throat

from your bite.


O adored spirit

You called me to lay myself

upon the altar stone,

but I shook and shrunk away

fearing sacrifice.

Forgive me,

but I could not

offer tribute by

emptying my veins


My beguiling siren

Since you appeared

took your pleasure

then disappeared

like a succubus to a sleeper

I must satisfy myself

with the image,

with what remains.


As I open my eyes,

I try to recall the cool stone upon my back

and the breath upon my throat.

Stephani Maari Booker of Minneapolis, Minnesota, writes prose and poetry for the page and for performance in which she wrestles with her multiple marginalized identities: African American, lesbian, lower-class, nerdy and sexy. She holds an MFA from Hamline University of St. Paul, MN and is a contributing editor for the African American newspaper Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder.