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The House of Men | Stewart Shaw

There is no touching in the house of men just wrestling moves power take downs no Touching, no removing of veils to tenderness I am embattled, trained in the ways of slipping touch trained by a skilled general in the war against gentle stroke and […]

He Wants to Read Me | Stewart Shaw

Daddy is calling from the other side Or wherever daddies call from When their echoes cease. I am paper Thin and unread, He calls to set my edges Ablaze, to see how fast I burn. He wants to read Me, calls me cocksucker. I smile […]

Nana Loves Venus Hottentot, Kwaku Loves Kunta | Stewart Shaw

During the Middle Passage through horror and cries for home, through stench, and death, in cramped dark spaces, chains and stains on souls more corrosive than hate, passions were kindled, desires lived; hands were roamed across aching backs to ease kink and sorrow.   Women […]