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Untitled | Gregory Canillas

you never wanted me to have a voice you censored everything i said defined conversations, what could be discussed and when you never wanted me to have a voice laughed with friends about how softly i speak although you knew there was power in what […]

Attraction | Gregory Canillas

you strolled into my life statuesque, black at midnight   your eyes said it all as did mine we were attracted   while there were no bells or whistles there were fireworks exploding, multicolored and loud Gregory Canillas is a native of Los Angeles. He […]

poem for my man | Gregory Canillas

thick, full, brown lips, i like the way they curl at the end when you’re eating fried chicken, dripping with hot sauce or greens or snapper or whatever i have cooked for you.   i like the way you dance moving slowly, methodically, snapping your […]