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In-Between | Clariss Flournoy

What happened to longevity   Going through each other’s Darknesses and knowing that you’ll still be with me.   I’ve seen couples that I thought were the lifetime breed,   Not that I know your business because, I mean, the grass is only as green […]

Fateful Encountering | Clariss Flournoy

M- I was wild and you were a lost spirit wandering through   I’m a paradox, while you try to remain true   Love is sporadic, but I can’t help   What I see   What I feel   What I want with you   […]

Before | Clariss Flournoy

It has been said that a soulmate can be a friend, a lover, even someone you won’t end up with As I stare into your face, I hope the latter isn’t our placement. I’m free You’re bound But I can’t help the connection that I’ve […]