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Rosie’s Room | Valencia Clement


Bachata is playing in the air

And I’m dancing with your brother

Your family surrounds us

But all I see is you

Smiling at me

I have to look away so your parents don’t see

These are the rules of our forbidden love



The song ends

And now there are new hands around my waist


Your hands caress my face with a gentleness I’ve never known

With the flick of your finger, you ignite my flame

I want to be yours & you’re going to be mine



You slip out of my arms

And just before you disappear into hallway

You wink at me and lick your lips

This game is like hide and go seek

Normally, I don’t like games

But after a few moments, I go after you like prey


I find you waiting for me in a small bathroom

And find your lips in the darkness soon thereafter

My clothes fall off into the shadows

And you sit me up on the sink

Kissing down my throat and chest

Just like that, the tables have turned and I’m prey


You pause halfway between my head and toes

Placing sweet kisses on my pink flower

Your slow strokes send jolts through my body

So, I throw my head back in satisfaction

Let your will be done

& I pray to be your prey forever

Valencia Clement is a Master of Public Policy candidate at Peabody College. She’s a Haitian-American poet and scholar living in Nashville, TN. She’s been writing poetry for fix years and believes creative expression is the intermediary to personal truth. She’s passionate about social justice, service, and educational equity.