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poem for my man | Gregory Canillas

thick, full, brown lips,

i like the way they curl at the end

when you’re eating fried chicken, dripping with hot sauce

or greens or snapper or whatever i have cooked for you.


i like the way you dance

moving slowly, methodically,

snapping your fingers, hips swinging from side to side

like a smooth, confident, old man,

swaying to Aretha or Patti or Jill

doesn’t matter who is playing, you sure can move, to be so tall.


i like the way you hold me,

whether standing or sitting or laying in bed.

it always makes me feel secure,

let’s me know that you love me, as much as i love you.


i love the way you kiss me,

softly sometimes, passionately at other times

whether on my neck or back or ear

or places to that shouldn’t be mentioned in this poem.

i love the way you kiss me…’cause kisses don’t lie.


i love being with you, whether we stay in or go out

waking to you in the morning time or sitting on the sofa,

planning our life together.

you make my heart dance, every time i think about you,

whether in your presence or away.

and my friends say, now, i sing when i talk.

loving you is wonderful.

Gregory Canillas is a native of Los Angeles. He teaches in a clinical psychology doctoral program, and lectures at national and international conferences on family and relationship issues. His writing has appeared in Ebony Magazine and in Lambda Literary’s Poetry Spotlight.