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Mecca | Robert Wright

I crawl


out of a closet forty-five years wide

(i am not one for grand entrances)

and shade my eyes from the light.


I fall


for Him.


I wander

with no guide

down a hallway two years long

turning every doorknob

flipping every switch

to find the secret to make Him love me.


I fall


into a black hole five years deep.


I climb

bloody hand over bloody hand

to the top.


I fly

on the ground

down a highway twenty-two hours long

to find the magic.


I dive

head first

into a river twelve months long

only to see the magic disappear.


I tiptoe

from here to there to him to him to him

never finding a spot that is safe

(and soft)

enough to rest.

My pilgrimage (an exercise in narcissism my therapist says)



I stand


my broken dreams and disappointments

burning lactic acid in the muscle of my aching heart.


I kneel.


I pray.


I weep.

Robert Wright is a health care attorney in Little Rock, Arkansas.