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In-Between | Clariss Flournoy

What happened to longevity


Going through each other’s Darknesses and knowing that you’ll still be with me.


I’ve seen couples that I thought were the lifetime breed,


Not that I know your business because, I mean, the grass is only as green as the shades of the strands under your feet.


I just hope that my lady has a forever mentality.


Isn’t afraid to grow and open up with me


Because the generation I see today,


Is more about fleeing, too afraid to get close because getting hurt is all they see.


When hurt is nothing more than a lesson leading to bravery.


We say no one is perfect but perfection seems to be the key.


But what about if I became perfect, you know, just for you-imperfectly.


Don’t get me wrong, I have seen partners who’ve been able to withstand the storm and break this faulty imagery


Show that even when life is conditional,


Love is unconditionally


I feel like anything is possible as long as your mind is free, you allow your emotions to breathe, you let hope and chances lead you to victory.


Love and relationships may not be easy


But the outcome you can get after enduring this treacherous journey, is worth all of the bleeding.

Clariss Fournoy is just your [extra]ordinary Queer trekking through the Universe wanderously. An avid writer and book junkie, she has a passion for Social Justice and the realm of Forensics.