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Fateful Encountering | Clariss Flournoy


I was wild and you were a lost spirit wandering through


I’m a paradox, while you try to remain true


Love is sporadic, but I can’t help


What I see


What I feel


What I want with you


You show me things on the ground


While I point out that the sky is palpable too.


When worlds collide feelings can be deadly, but I like explosions


Especially coming from you


Most people dream about finding The One that will change everything


But I like how you want me to be me and you to be you, an intertwining mesh creating an Us that has a different view


You may not always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ll hold your hand Boo.


I like how you try and share some of your world with me, that you aren’t too ashamed

to include me with what you do.


Plenty talk about how they wish chance would work in favor for them


But are too scared to play witness to fate blindly being led with open hands


I can only hope that you aren’t afraid and see what it is that I am projecting from you


Because according to what I found, my love,


Serendipity, is you.




Clariss Fournoy is just your [extra]ordinary Queer trekking through the Universe wanderously. An avid writer and book junkie, she has a passion for Social Justice and the realm of Forensics.