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Sagging Pants | Kem Smith

“Nah Partnah,” Tyler said. Then he took his thumb and wiped it across his nose, a sure sign of eminent ...
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We Take On | Mel Lewis

Femmes we take on this work knowing the model of lack there is only so much justice to go around ...
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/ Issue 2/Fall 2017, Mel Lewis, Poetry, poetry

Rosie’s Room | Valencia Clement

I. Bachata is playing in the air And I’m dancing with your brother Your family surrounds us But all I ...
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Learned Behavior | Valencia Clement

I learned how to love you around the time I learned to tie my shoes, When all that should've mattered ...
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Anondra “Kat” Williams on Writing and Women’s Empowerment

Anondra “Kat” Williams is a writer, poet, radio host, and all around lover of words. Her first foray into writing ...
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Krystal A. Smith on Speculative Fiction and Writer’s Block

A North Carolina native, Krystal A. Smith (i.e. K.A. Smith) is a Black lesbian writer of poetry and speculative fiction ...
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Untitled | Gregory Canillas

you never wanted me to have a voice you censored everything i said defined conversations, what could be discussed and ...
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