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Short Story

Sagging Pants | Kem Smith

“Nah Partnah,” Tyler said. Then he took his thumb and wiped it across his nose, a sure sign of eminent danger. Sean, with his jeans sagging over his sweats, the latest brand tennis shoes loosely laced, and hoodie securely tied around his unkempt hair, mimicked the […]

Disco Duty | Lorna Gray

Old Lemon-Face was forcing me to chaperone the Grade 8 disco. Friday night, the most sacred of nights in all the week, would be sacrificed to standing in a dimly-lit, sweaty school gym and making sure that hormonally-charged teenagers didn’t smoke, drink, or do anything […]

Union Square | Terry Sanville

Veronica stares into the mirror and frowns. Using a pinky finger, she applies moisturizer to the creases around her eyes. Why do they call them crows’ feet? Couldn’t they at least call them ravens’ feet? Sounds more mysterious. She sighs and smears cold cream across […]

The Picnic | Rebecca Redshaw

Joe couldn’t sleep. The still night air was interrupted only by the soft clicking of the blinds as the ancient floor fan whirred slowly. It wasn’t the steamy heat that was causing his restlessness or the constant rhythm of Marth’s nasal breathing as she lay […]

The Letters | Jon MacDonald

Hollis took another turn around the faded maroon, 1950 bullet-nose, Studebaker commander. It was too much of a cliché to kick the tires so he just passed his hand along the passenger side of the car. Yes, the car would need work, but that was […]

The Illuminated Man | Andrea Mosier

When he was translucent like an opaque canvas, his shimmering skin came alive with his unbidden thoughts. At those times, he did his best to stay away from people, but the city where he did his work teemed with them, and besides, they were drawn […]

One Look | Silk Hindus

My Juliana loved to tell people how we met. Sometimes we were at a bar, or a restaurant, a friend’s house or ours. Sometimes it was loud, muted, relaxed, cozy. Sometimes her auburn curls were pulled back and sometimes they were down and parted above […]

Intransigent | James Stryker

Maggie had conditioned herself to be calm–not quick to panic, or prone to anxiety. And while she used to be one for exuberant passion, the way things were now, she had to control herself. Unfortunately, despite every precaution the attacks continued. She felt their approach. […]

In the Right Place at the Wrong Time | Chad W. Lutz

It always bothers me when women come up to me in public and start making conversation as if they know me. In my mind’s eye I’m shouting, “Nothing, I want nothing,” and beat the sidewalk with my feet as if it owed me money. That’s […]