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The Ancient Theater at Delphi | Sneha Subramanian Kanta

I sat on a step, as step by step everything loomed a cry, while surrounded by silence, like the muffled tears that lay untouched. The south-west Parnassus bolsters shadows of wood and stone, how the theater was built. The choruses still interlude over summers. The […]

Someplace Beautiful | Stephani Maari Booker

The glare of fluorescent bulbs The bland of white walls And the blah of tiled floors Are not the last things I want to see.   The beep of a monitor The drone of a TV set And the buzz of white noise Are not […]

Next Door | Daniel Dowe

Kids selling magazines, both from towns faraway, on my front facing porch, hanging back near the baskets that I forgot to water.   They ask for my sponsorship, so they can avoid profanity, misdirection, a life of crime, to instead do God’s appointed work: selling […]

In-Between | Clariss Flournoy

What happened to longevity   Going through each other’s Darknesses and knowing that you’ll still be with me.   I’ve seen couples that I thought were the lifetime breed,   Not that I know your business because, I mean, the grass is only as green […]

I Wove Myself | Scarlett Peterson

Stitched a new set of lungs to sing for you.   Pulled taught at the center, I molded a small waistline   Carved a spine curved to the left to be your right side.   Crocheted a pricked ear, to listen to your every whisper. […]

Fateful Encountering | Clariss Flournoy

M- I was wild and you were a lost spirit wandering through   I’m a paradox, while you try to remain true   Love is sporadic, but I can’t help   What I see   What I feel   What I want with you   […]

Before | Clariss Flournoy

It has been said that a soulmate can be a friend, a lover, even someone you won’t end up with As I stare into your face, I hope the latter isn’t our placement. I’m free You’re bound But I can’t help the connection that I’ve […]

Nana Loves Venus Hottentot, Kwaku Loves Kunta | Stewart Shaw

During the Middle Passage through horror and cries for home, through stench, and death, in cramped dark spaces, chains and stains on souls more corrosive than hate, passions were kindled, desires lived; hands were roamed across aching backs to ease kink and sorrow.   Women […]

My Gay Son | Robert Wright

My son is not gay. Neither is his brother. When I opened the door, he cried. “I already knew, Dad.” “I love you, Dad.”   My son is not gay. Neither is his brother. Before I turned the knob, he cried. “Don’t say it out […]

Motherhood | Robert Wright

“Mom, are we rich?” he asked as he climbed into the minivan after a day of coloring and counting and climbing on the monkey bars reserved for the childhood gardeners, just as he did the very first day when he grumpily announced “They didn’t even […]