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We Take On | Mel Lewis

Femmes we take on this work knowing the model of lack there is only so much justice to go around as if there was only so much skin to touch only so much breath to catch only so much love learning to be done we […]

Rosie’s Room | Valencia Clement

I. Bachata is playing in the air And I’m dancing with your brother Your family surrounds us But all I see is you Smiling at me I have to look away so your parents don’t see These are the rules of our forbidden love   […]

Learned Behavior | Valencia Clement

I learned how to love you around the time I learned to tie my shoes, When all that should’ve mattered was ice cream flavors & the Power Puff girls That’s when I first started healing my mom’s broken heart Pouring love into the cracks life […]

Untitled | Gregory Canillas

you never wanted me to have a voice you censored everything i said defined conversations, what could be discussed and when you never wanted me to have a voice laughed with friends about how softly i speak although you knew there was power in what […]

Attraction | Gregory Canillas

you strolled into my life statuesque, black at midnight   your eyes said it all as did mine we were attracted   while there were no bells or whistles there were fireworks exploding, multicolored and loud Gregory Canillas is a native of Los Angeles. He […]

The House of Men | Stewart Shaw

There is no touching in the house of men just wrestling moves power take downs no Touching, no removing of veils to tenderness I am embattled, trained in the ways of slipping touch trained by a skilled general in the war against gentle stroke and […]

He Wants to Read Me | Stewart Shaw

Daddy is calling from the other side Or wherever daddies call from When their echoes cease. I am paper Thin and unread, He calls to set my edges Ablaze, to see how fast I burn. He wants to read Me, calls me cocksucker. I smile […]

Dame Jere | Gayle Bell

Still small voice saw him first There be angels Ma’am would you mind putting these things on your walker I don’t get around so good The attaché had faded green party stickers Mondale vs. some obscure nemesisHe offered his half a turkey sandwich To a […]

Fanning My Dress Tail | Gayle Bell

1968 King, Kennedy, X and the girls Mysterious aggravating Gyrating to SHOTGUN Shot before they run She had on a white blouse white mini skirt white boots I was confused and smitten smitten and goofy Trying to find some rhythm flailing my thin body Holding […]

Untitled | Stephani Maari Booker

She seized me. She dragged me into her cavern and partook of my flesh. A lusty lion she was: mauling me tearing me open gnawing my insides licking my bones.   She awed me. She brought me to her temple, and I bowed under her […]