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Before | Clariss Flournoy

It has been said that a soulmate can be a friend, a lover, even someone you won’t end up with

As I stare into your face, I hope the latter isn’t our placement.

I’m free

You’re bound

But I can’t help the connection that I’ve found

You have such a sweet name

But when we touch, those pricks warn me to stay away.

I don’t meddle or break into happy homes

But heartache has been known to cut straight to the bone.

I have no intention on bothering you or to toy with your ideations

But there’s a piece of my depth that I have to show,

Had time been my friend,

It would have been my name you would’ve known.

Clariss Fournoy is just your [extra]ordinary Queer trekking through the Universe wanderously. An avid writer and book junkie, she has a passion for Social Justice and the realm of Forensics.